Keep on Connecting!

Omicron can’t keep our students and mentors from connecting! We had a fun-filled attitude adjustment assembly online in January, as we talked about how leaders can choose their Attitude.

The real fun started when mentors and students took a moment to write notes to each other. One of our amazing mentors, Romy, received an I-gotta-share-it note from his 4th grader, Christian!
Romy shared with his site coordinator, “What a touching and personal note. Christian is such a good kid, and I can’t tell you how blessed I am and feel to be partnered with him.”

Romy is mentoring at one of our new Academy 4 schools this year. And Christian’s teacher, Mrs. Vogler celebrates, “Academy 4 could not have started at a better time!”

Mrs. Vogler also indicated that Academy 4 has restored something important, “natural excitement from the kids. The students are so eager for our A4 Fridays, and they often ask when the next one is. It’s been so good to see the kids get that one-on-one attention with their mentors.”

Positive connection with adults is hard to come by these days, and many of the 4th graders we serve already have a lack of positive adult relationships in their lives.

“These kids really need people in their corner, and the mentors embraced them with love immediately,” said Mrs. Vogler.

Our mentors are everyday heroes, and like Romy, they all see how truly special Academy 4th graders are! Keep on connecting!