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Leading with Love- Ft. John Shearer

Click the button below to listen to our Executive Director John Shearer meet with Brad Formsma on his podcast The Wow Factor! The two discuss Academy 4 and the ability to open a child’s mind to the possibilities and choices of a different future by building positive relationships. 

TWM Gives Back: Academy 4

Academy 4 was featured in Madeworthy in the month of March to celebrate our welcoming into The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever this year! Please click the button below to read more about Academy 4!

"Academy 4 connects churches to schools and communities through mentoring 4th graders in leadership. We provide a mentor for EVERY 4th grader in the economically disadvantaged schools we serve. Our volunteer mentors express love and care and provide the students with a positive relationship with a dependable adult."

"Academy 4 has helped our congregation to be a blessing in our community and its families."

Dr.  Kevin Westergren 

"Our members have been delighted to make a practical difference in the lives of children. The positive, hope-inspiring influence of mentors on the young lives spills over into the school and the families of the children."

Dr.  John Messmann

"When I was first presented with the Academy 4 model, my initial thought was, 'That’s a lot of time to take the scholars out of class.' It is well worth the time and effort. Our fourth grade academic data has shown growth, attendance has improved, and major discipline concerns have reduced. I believe Academy 4 has played a strong role in this."

-Angelo San Segundo

Mentor Spotlight

Roy Castellanos, High School Student at Western Hills

What do you remember most from the 4th grade?
When I was in the 4th grade, I distinctly remember being so confused as to what I could possibly do in the future, I remember asking my 4th grade teacher how it was like to grow up and be an adult and being met with a surprised face.
What has your favorite A4 moment been so far?
My favorite Academy 4 moment so far has been explaining what the word potential means and having my 4th grader automatically tell me what they thought Potential meant to them; Their definition being “You can do anything you want if you try”
What do you have in common with your 4th grade mentee?
One thing I’ve found in common with my student is our love for pizza. Pizza has been a recurring topic on all A4 Fridays.
How has mentoring impacted your life?
Mentoring has impacted my life in a variety of ways; Mentoring
has constantly reminded me that even just a little bit of compassion can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of those around you.
How are you connected to Academy 4?
Academy 4 gives me the opportunity to teach and more importantly expand my learning. I’m connected to Academy 4 through Western Hills High School. Just like the 4th graders, I take time out of my school day to learn in a different form then the way we traditionally learn at school.
Why do you mentor?
I mentor because I believe that the future is bright, and getting to mentor my 4th grader is my way of contributing to the bright future that lays ahead of us.

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Research articles completed by Academy 4 that detail the importance of a mentor in a 4th grade student's life. This research highlights the emotional, and long term effects having a mentor makes on 4th graders.

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