The LEADERS 5 program builds upon what students previously learned in Academy 4, placing special emphasis on being a leader in the school and community service. After receiving the benefits of mentoring in 4th grade, our 5th graders get the opportunity to mentor 1st graders in their school. First grade students receive the gift of mentoring from their very own 5th grade mentor each month by having them as a guest reader and completing crafts related to the leadership trait of the month.

LEADERS5 Program Overview

LEADERS 5 has two main components, LEADERS 5 Program Days and LEADERS 5 Service Projects.  There are seven LEADERS 5 days during the year, one a month from October – April. Each LEADERS 5 program lasts 1 hour, 15 minutes.

 A LEADERS 5 program has two components:
LEADERS Huddle- This brief mentor training prepares 5th graders to mentor their LIT buddies.
Mentoring Time- Mentoring time takes place in the younger student's classroom.
  • Mentoring time consists of these activities: 
    • LEADERS Introduction: 5th graders connect with their LIT buddies, the trait of the month is introduced, and the 5th graders and buddies do a simple leadership worksheet together. 
    • Guest Reader:  A guest reader reads the LEADERS book of the month that reinforces the month’s leadership trait. 
    • Individual Reading Time: Mentors and LIT buddies read a book together. 
    • Craft Time: LIT buddies do a craft or service project with their 5th-grade mentors that reinforces the leadership trait of the day.

LEADERS5 Objectives 

  • Challenge and provide opportunity for 5th graders to BE leaders in their school and to serve their community. 
  • Reinforce the LEADERS acrostic learned in Academy 4 through living it and sharing it. 
  • Create a stronger leadership culture in the school with a simple introduction to leadership in 1st grade or Kindergarten (as determined by the school). 
  • Foster social-emotional development through a mentoring relationship between a 5th grader with a younger student (known as a leader in training, or “LIT”). 

LEADERS5 Service Projects

While reinforcing the entire LEADERS acrostic is very important, we  believe engaging 5th graders in meaningful service opportunities is critical to their development as leaders.  Some service projects are built into the curriculum and take place during regular LEADERS 5 mentoring time.  In the past these projects have included activities like serving at a food bank, performing at a nursing home, or making toys at an animal shelter.