About Academy 4

We connect churches to schools and communities through mentoring 4th graders in leadership. We provide a mentor for EVERY 4th grader in the economically disadvantaged schools we serve. Our volunteers serve once a month for 90 minutes and mentor the 4th graders in leadership. They express love and care and provide the students with a positive relationship with a dependable adult.

Academy 4 is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. We seek funds for our program through donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and civic organizations.
We believe building positive relationships through mentoring is the most effective way to encourage children in greater academic achievement and school involvement, while building self-esteem, and helping them view their futures more positively. Mentoring can open a child’s mind to the possibilities and choices of a different future. 
Mentoring is the most effective tool to provide children with a greater sense of self-worth, a positive view of the future, increased engagement in school, and encouragement for greater academic achievement. Through the positive relationships we build, we can expand a child’s horizons and instill a can-do attitude that opens up possibilities for a brighter tomorrow. 

In 2012 a core group of members of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort  Worth, Texas, wanted to have a bigger impact on public schools, particularly Daggett Elementary, an inner-city school located near the church. Because research suggests that 4th graders have reached a higher level of reasoning and are open to new ideas and experiences, this group believed targeting 4th graders would have the biggest impact on students.  This core group, in conjunction with all the 4th grade teachers, the counselor, and Vice Principal at Daggett Elementary, were tasked to create the most effective program that reached every 4th grader in the school. Over the course of several meetings, Academy 4 was created.