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We connect churches to schools and communities through mentoring 4th graders in leadership. We provide a mentor for EVERY 4th grader in the 

economically disadvantaged schools we serve. Our volunteers serve together once a month for 60 minutes and mentor the 4th graders in leadership. 

They express love and care and provide the students with a positive relationship with a dependable adult.


"Academy 4 has helped our congregation to be a blessing in our community and its families."

Dr.  Kevin Westergren 

Pastor  /  Redeemer Lutheran Church,  Austin,  TX

Our members have been delighted to make a practical difference in the lives of children. The positive, hope-inspiring influence of mentors on the young lives spills over into the school and the families of the children.

Dr.  John Messmann

Senior Pastor  /  St. Paul Lutheran Church,  Fort Worth,  TX

"When I was first presented with the Academy 4 model, my initial thought was, 'That’s a lot of time to take the scholars out of class.' It is well worth the time and effort. Our fourth grade academic data has shown growth, attendance has improved, and major discipline concerns have reduced. I believe Academy 4 has played a strong role in this."

Angelo San Segundo

Principal  /  Wooten Elementary,  Austin, TX



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